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Hi everyone! I'm totally clueless when it comes to wine but I want to start drinking a glass of red wine a day for its health benefits. I went inside a liquor shop the other day and was mortified by the number of red wines to choose from. Can someone help me choose a red wine? I'm not exactly keen to choose one by trial and error and would prefer to rely on the knowledgeable people of this forum. I'm looking for something to drink straight off the glass without having to eat a particular meat or cheese to go with it, so I'd love to drink something decent on its own. I also have a sweet tooth, so I'm not particularly keen on drinking something too sour or bitter. The price would mean a lot too; the cheaper (without sacrificing too much on the taste factor) the better. I'd love to hear your advice and thoughts.
Hi jcred -

If you want to drink a glass a day and to buy by the bottle, you might also need to invest in a a winesaving device (eg VacUvin, Wine Save, etc) to keep the wine fresh over a week (a bottle contains about 6 glasses).

Alternatively buy a better quality, small cask red and try that to start with. You can also experiment with varieties a bit and see which you like, although there is less range in casks.

In bottles, lighter and/or softer reds include: pinot noir, grenache, merlot. Heavier reds include: cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, tempranillo. These reportedly have greater levels of resveratrol and thus (presumably) greater health benefits per glass. See our article with Dr John D'Arcy Resveratrol and wine

Really you are in a great place to start out as you have no preconceptions and can just experiment! It would be worth attending a basic wine tasting course - ask at your local wine retailer. They might also have wines on tasting every week, too. I'm sure they'd be happy to provide advice on buying.

Have fun and relax - that's good for your health, too! Cheers - Robyn
Thanks Robyn!

I read the article in your link and it was very interesting. There are plenty of conflicting research around that topic, yet I'd still like to have a glass of wine while those scientists work it out LOL smile.gif

I'm glad you mentioned wine-tasting and purchasing a wine-saving device, as I hadn't thought about that. I'll look it up. Thanks again!
It is not a big task to choose a red wine all you need to do is go to a wine shop and choose a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon. Generally, due to the earthy and fruity flavor this wine is a bit strong and tannic (red) and it is a bit sour in taste.

If you want to have sweet flavor then, go for choosing the bottle of Merlot it is smoother in taste and very soft. Choose medium bodied bottle. Give an another go to the full bodied bottle of Shiraz known as Syrah in most regions of Australia, it is rich red and fruity wine.

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