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<i>The Crow Eaters</i> by Ben Stubbs

The Crow Eaters by Ben Stubbs [©NewSouth Publishing ]


Travelling to South Australia on a wine adventure? Enrich your journey with some insights and tales from places unknown and places well-known with The Crow Eaters by Ben Stubbs.

Even if you already live in the state, it's a sure bet new discoveries about whats outside your own back door await.

Ben Stubbs didn't mean to write this book but we're very happy he did!

It hits the bookshops in early August but we have three copies stowed away on the prize shelf, just for you!

In the introduction he says "South Australia often sits happily on the periphery of Australian understanding - out of sight and out of mind." Ben has set out to take us well beyond the common knowledge - thikngs like the lack of a convict past, 'those' bodies and the wine is damn fine thanks.

The journey to a better understanding starts at Ben's place with flecks of bricks and a growing curiosity about all the other SA stories laying just under the surface, just as those remnants from an old brick factory were. 

Ever heard of The Murray Cods? Want to know why South Australians are called the Crow Eaters? How about diving with great whites off Port Lincoln or camping at Maralinga? There are fascinating stories aplenty in this easy to read book about a wide range of topics. There may well be some myth-busting involved as well.

The New York Times and Lonely Planet have both described the state as one of the best places in the world to visit but Ben Stubbs delves deeper beyond the wine and the wildlife. And he does it with both insight and wit –  eg "On first approach Woomera looks like an abandoned 'Thunderbirds' set." – which make it such  an enjoyable read.

So enter now and add some insight and depth of understanding to your next South Australian foray. You might even be inspired to travel further out your own back door and dig a little deeper for the people and places that make life that much richer an experience.

Yes we love the wine, but there's plenty more to be fascinated about in this state nearly twice the size of Spain and three times that of Italy (see you've learnt something already!).

Enter now for your chance to win one of three brand new, hot off the press copies of The Crow Eaters. 

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July 09th, 2019
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