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Recipes and uses for this amazing tropical superfood

By Annette Evans
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<i>The Healthy Coconut</i> By Jenni Madison

The Healthy Coconut By Jenni Madison [©Rockpool Publishing]


Who knew that the humble coconut could have so many practical uses? From a food source to skin care and everything between. Good for you, good for your pets and environmentally sound, what more could you want?

Some cultures have always known of the benefits of coconut as a food source or skin care, and yet it seems to have been forgotten about to a certain degree. But not any more. Coconut is making a comeback in a big way.

In her book The Healthy Coconut, Jenni Madison has not only provided us with a whole host of glorious recipes using coconut in all its forms but also gives plenty of information to ponder over.

The first half of this book is a mixture of Jenni’s history of her discovery of coconut, its properties and her health journey, along with some sciency stuff, good oils versus bad, etc.

This is not by any means a medical book or a replacement for sound medical advice (as advised by the disclaimer in the back), but it does give some hope to those of us who want to be pro-actively involved in our own health and recovery from the damages caused by our hectic modern lifestyle and diet.

While Jenni does tend to extol the virtues of her own line of coconut products, she also gives some clear direction on what to look for and how to choose a good quality coconut oil. She also tells how she replaced her modern skin care products with simple homemade coconut-based products, and even how she has even assisted in maintaining the health of her ageing dog with coconut oil.

She also advises using coconut oil for health and vitality, in pregnancy and for baby, for healthy weight loss, detox and energy and even for sex and vaginal health.

The second half of the book contains the recipes. These are all plant-based (all are vegetarian, and most are vegan and gluten-free) and are simple to follow.

Most ingredients are easy to source and the more difficult ones would certainly be available at a good wholefoods store or through an online wholefoods seller. Many of the recipes contain other superfood ingredients and there is even a section where she tells how to make simple plant based staples such as milks, cheeses and yoghurts.

There are the regular recipe book chapters such as Soups; Mains; Desserts; etc. but you will also find Smoothies, Juices and Teas; Breakfast; Raw Chocolate; and Coconut Body Care & Beauty; among others. Something for everyone. Not all of the recipes are pictured but many are and the photos are of a good quality, the dishes are tastefully displayed and adorned and will certainly whet your appetite to try them out.

For those of you who have family and/or friends who are hesitant to try new things especially if you say the are ‘Raw’ or ‘Healthy’, how about making them some of the beautiful raw treats and desserts such as Bounty Bars; White Chocolate; Mocha Magic Bites; or Coconut Lime Cheesecake? The list goes on.

Some other yummy-looking recipes from Soups and Mains are:

  • Thai-style Coconut and Vegetable Soup
  • Raw Soft Tacos with Walnut Meat
  • Raw Lasagne
  • Coconut Quinoa with Kale and Pesto

I love this book and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to make the change or already making the change to a more healthy lifestyle. It would appeal to all persons who care about good food, good health and love to make beautiful food for themselves and the people around them, whether you live in the tropics or not. 


The Healthy Coconut by Jenni Madison is published by Rockpool Publishing (Summerhill, NSW, 2015; sc, 241 pp) and retails in Australia for RRP $34.99

The Healthy Coconut can be purchased online via Booko here »


Annette Evans is a mother of six and part-time book-keeper, who lives in Tasmania with three teenagers still at home, her husband and an assortment of animals/pets. She enjoys cross-stitching, jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, and cooking, with a strong interest in healthy food and lifestyle. Her favourite day is one spent cooking up a three-course dinner for family and friends. 

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