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<i>Champagne, a Secret History</i> by Robert Walters

Champagne, a Secret History by Robert Walters [©Allen & Unwin ]

<i>New Zealand Wine</i> by Warren Moran
<i>Cork Dork</i> by Bianca Boske
<i>Wine Revolution</i> by Jane Anson


We love this time of year when we get you to choose from a great range of books to win. That means we know you'll love your prize even more! These are four distinctively different wine books that are all interesting and informative in their own way. The quality is high and we hope you like the variety! 

Like to learn the history and background of New Zealand wine or head off on the trail of a Cork Dork? If bubbles are your thing, then discovering the secret history of Champagne could add to that enjoyment. Or are you the revolutionary type and want to help save the planet, one bottle at a time?

Read more then enter below and tell us which one you want to win most!


New Zealand Wine: The Land, The Vines, The People by Warren Moran 

This hardcover book tells the story of the relatively new wine industry across the Tasman. In a short time vines have spread across the land and are producing notable wines for the locals and the world.

It's a thorough look at the land from below the ground up covering geography, climate, soils, varieties and of course, the people over the last fifty years or so. The changes, the challenges and the results are all part of the story. It's a must for any serious wine-lover wanting to go in-depth with New Zealand.

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 RRP A$75.00


Wine Revolution: The World's Best Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wines by Jane Anson

Like to help save the planet one wine bottle at a time? This is the book that guides you on that mission. Award-winning wine expert Jane Anson describes 250 handcrafted (and necessarily delicious) wines from the best artisan, eco-friendly wineries around the world.

She talks of farm to table wines, how food and and these wines are entwined, defines each growing style and explains how wine labels and regulations differ around the world.

Discover the world's craft wines and the people and regions behind them.

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RRP A$49.99


Champagne: a secret history by Robert Walters

Busting old myths is best done with verve and wit which is exactly what Robert Walters does. But he's not just busting, he's also building with new truths which all combines to show Champage, the wine and the place, are as intriguing and wonderfully alluring as ever.

What's the truth about big bubbles, serving temperature and having to sip from flutes? You'll find out this and much more in the pages between the beautifully embellished cover.

Win it for you and shout yourself a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Win it for the wine-lover in your life and add that bottle to make the perfect gift!

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 RRP A$32.99


Cork Dork by Bianca Bosker

Sub-titled A wine-fuelled journey into the art of sommeliers and the science of taste, the book is about professional journalist and self-described amateur wine drinker Bianca Bosker's discovery of wine-tasting extremes.

She set about uncovering exactly what drives these wine experts and fuels their obsessions and to find out if she too could be come a Cork Dork.

Bianca attempts to answer the question "what's the big deal about wine?" in this funny and often counter intuitive adventure.

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 RRP A$22.99


So... which one will you choose for your new year wine education? Simply tell us which book you want to win and you'll be in the draw for that one. Good luck!

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December 01st, 2017
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