Organic winegrowing continues its lift in quality

New releases: 2014 Lowe 'Headstone' Primitivo Rosé and 2014 Lowe 'Tinja' Chardonnay

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2014 Lowe ‘Headstone’ Organic Primitivo Rosé and ‘Tinja’ Chardonnay

2014 Lowe ‘Headstone’ Organic Primitivo Rosé and ‘Tinja’ Chardonnay

David Lowe, Lowe Wines, Mudgee
WCA Chair Angie Bradbury, and  “Legend of the Vine” award recipient David Lowe


“Growing organically results in better fruit. It’s a complex argument, but one I explain every day at the winery to visitors,” explains Lowe winemaker and owner, David Lowe.

“Conventional agriculture removes or kills interlopers, whether they are animals or minerals. Organic practices however fight without weapons and, as a result, the vine crop compensates. The plant works in its own measure. The plant draws on, and is reliant on, the factors around it for the annual cycle.”

“It means that the fruit load is balanced and the ripening and flavour development is not interrupted by interference. Logically the fruit behaves itself, self manages and will be better.”

Two newly released vintages of David’s organic wines are the 2014 Lowe ‘Headstone’ Primitivo Rosé ($28) and the 2014 Lowe ‘Tinja’ Chardonnay ($22).

The Lowe ‘Tinja’ wines are made from grapes grown on the Lowe vineyards as well as from vineyards in the cooler reaches of Orange. The 2014 Lowe ‘Tinja’ Chardonnay comes from an organic vineyard* in the Orange wine region

“The 2014 Chardonnay is a style that I have been making for over 34 years. I’m not looking at ‘over the top’ wines, but a style that is more mild and less ‘overt’. It’s an ‘anytime of day’ wine that needn’t be super cold.”

The new Lowe ‘Headstone’ Primitivo Rosé is made from grapes grown on Lowe’s ‘Block 7’ vineyard and is a genuine rosé. Primitivo is the same as Zinfandel but is morphologically different in that the bunches are smaller and the flavours darker. The vines are young and at this stage provides ideal rosé material.

“These styles don’t have the acidity of white wine, and are textured in the salty spectrum (to draw a long bow). This gives an indication where this wine works; wine with texture, more white than red, and with a flavour that is not acid backed nor sweet.”

For further information on the Lowe vineyard, winemaking and wines, please visit


  • Orange (NSW)

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February 19th, 2015
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