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130 delicious paleo recipes for every day

By Laura McKinnon
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Family Food by Pete Evans

Family Food by Pete Evans


Paleo diet: a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, and excluding dairy or cereal products and processed food.

Family Food has been penned by Chef Pete Evans who is most famous for his starring role in Australia’s My Kitchen Rules. The cookbook features recipes designed for those focused on undertaking a paleo diet.

It covers breakfasts, babies through to older kids’ foods, main meals, sides, snacks, sweets, drinks and even Christmas. A broad range of areas are covered to showcase the ability of paleo food to suit all variety of meal occasions and types.

Most of the recipes are quite compelling, particularly because they all look fresh, healthy and tasty.

There has also been effort placed into ensuring many of the recipes are based on traditional recipes; recipes like Soft-Boiled Eggs with Egg Bread Soldiers. For a paleo version coconut oil is used in the cooking process as well as flaxseed meal and coconut flour. It is these types of ingredients that turn recipes into their paleo alternative. Some other traditional favourites that feature are the BLT, Bacon and Eggs, Sushi, Caesar Salad, Cupcakes, Lamingtons and the list goes on.

Our favourite was the Trifle with Coconut Cream and Berry Jelly, however I recommend you use a good quality tinned coconut cream. Our first attempt using a store owned brand wasn't very sucessful with it failing to whip properly. A later attempt using a more premium product worked as it was suppose to and created the perfect trifle topping.

The recipes in Family Food are inviting, taste good and feel very wholesome. The only downside is that you will need a well-stocked pantry to make quite a few of the recipes and to ensure you have ‘alternative’ ingredients on hand when they are required. However, once you have that sorted most of the recipes should not be hard to create.

What else is great about Family Food is the Baby and Toddler Food section. Often as a parent (for oh so many reasons that parents will understand) it is hard to come up with meals you feel are healthy and good for your children. Evans delivers a number of recipes that revolve around purees and mashes to help parents give their young children a good start. He also caters to older kids in another chapter.

The paleo diet has received criticism, however Family Food can stand for itself through its recipes.

It is a good cookbook with some great recipes. Anyone doing or thinking about the paleo diet will find this book extremely worthwhile; others will see it as a cookbook that gives healthier alternatives and new ideas for avoiding some of the toxins and problems that exist in our regular foods.

Whatever your thoughts on the paleo diet this cookbook has some great recipes and should be given a look through. And have a happy paleo festive season and New Year!

Family Food
by Pete Evans is published in Australia by Pan Macmillan (Melbourne, 2014; sc, 296pp) and retails in Australia for $39.95

Family Food is available to
purchase online via Booko here »


  • Sydney (NSW)

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December 08th, 2014
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