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A complex yet refreshingly humble beer

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Forest for the Trees Saison

Forest for the Trees Saison [©Forest for the Trees]

Forest for the Trees brewer Brad Rogers
Forest For The Trees Saison 750ml


Forest for the Trees is a new brewer dedicated to farmhouse, sour and wild beer styles.

It joins the well established Stone & Wood Brewing Company, Fixation Brewing, Square Keg and Granite Belt Cider in the Fermentum Family of Businesses and is led by brewing legend, Brad Rogers.

The exciting first release is a Saison, a contemporary take on a traditional Belgian farmhouse beer style.  Here are the tasting notes:

 Forest for the Trees Saison

Saisons are complex yet refreshingly humble beers, a true reflection on how they traditionally came to be.

This Saison is deeply inspired by the traditions of Belgian brewing yet reflective of the world today with the benefits of modern brewing.

It pours into a stemmed glass with a vibrant, straw-like fluorescence and a dense white head. The delicate addition of freshly-ground spice both compliment and accentuate the subtle yeast and fruit aromatics which are naturally derived during fermentation.

The aroma and bitterness of a subtle hop addition play a simple yet important balancing act. The pale malt backbone finishes undeniably and unashamedly dry, tight and zesty.

You will be left with a cleansed palate, feeling refreshed and satisfied. 

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February 04th, 2019
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