Sidewood’s Cider is in the can for summer

It’s the one with no added sugar!

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Sidewood Estates, Adelaide Hills - Owen and Cassandra Inglis

Sidewood Estates, Adelaide Hills - Owen and Cassandra Inglis

Sidewood Estate, Adelaide Hills


Just in time for summer, Sidewood has released its cider in cans. The Adelaide Hills wine and cider producer has installed phase 1 of its canning line at its Nairne winery ensuring that it remains true to its ethos of creating a product 100% produced in the Adelaide Hills.

Additionally, a new campaign to promote Sidewood Cider having no added sugar (including syrup or concentrates) has also been launched with the level of sweetness in the product emanating solely from the Adelaide Hills grown apples from which it is produced.

Owen Inglis, Sidewood owner said “our handcrafted cider – fully produced in the Adelaide Hills has always contained just fresh 100% Adelaide Hills grown apples. We will not compromise our desire to create a pure, fresh product with fillers or sweeteners. If the apples for a particular season are drier than usual we will simply blend the fruit to ensure consistency of taste and flavour.”

With people being more aware of the constituents of what they consume, Sidewood made the conscious decision to not add anything to its cider other than apples when it commenced production in 2014. The cider making process has similarities to white wine making and hence the transitional ease for winemakers to enter into the cider market. Whilst traditionally, mass-produced ciders can sometimes be comparatively sweet tasting, Sidewood’s product tastes as one would expect – like a fresh apple.

Cider is the fastest growing drink category primarily among women but with the male consumer base also increasing rapidly. In recognition of this growth and for export purposes, Sidewood has, with the installation of this dedicated cider canning line, become the first ‘craft’ cider producer in South Australia with this in-house processing opportunity. The first canned cider products will hit the shelves within weeks. The bottled product will also remain available to purchase on line at and in-store. Sidewood is excited to announce Thirsty Camel (SA & NT) and selected Celebrations stores will now also stock their cider range as well as a host of independent retailers across South Australia.


Based on tests conducted in October 2016.

Sidewood apple cider sugar content - 1.8 g/100 ml

Highest sugar of apple ciders tested - 8.2 g/100 ml

Average of those tested (sample size 15) - 4.56 g/100 ml

(Due to the fact that Sidewood cider relies solely on fruit with no added concentrates, syrup or sugar, Sidewood’s sugar content, will vary fractionally from time to time based on the fruit available.)


Sidewood cider in 375 ml cans will come in a pack of 10 whilst the 330 ml bottled product is available as a six-pack.



  • Adelaide Hills (SA)

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