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<i>Maggie's Recipe for Life</i> by Maggie Beer

Maggie's Recipe for Life by Maggie Beer [©Simon & Schuster Australia]


Based on the latest scientific research, Maggie has created more than 200 recipes that help provide the nutrients we need for optimum brain health so you can eat well to age well from this moment on.

Maggie Beer and Professor Ralph Martins have teamed up to fight one of the most debilitating diseases of our later years. More than one million Australians are affected every day by Alzheimer’s or by its impact on their family but the good news is that you can eat well to age well, from this moment on.

Maggie says:

"This book is so important to me. To have a healthy old age you must act now, whether you are 30 or 50.

I have two great passions – sharing my love of cooking delicious simple food and improving the health and nutrition of older people. I hope this cookbook does both but it’s not for ‘old’ people, it’s for you.

I have been delighted to work with leading Alzheimer’s researcher Professor Ralph Martins in recent years and I have learned that if we are to avoid Alzheimer’s and other lifestyle diseases it is what we eat today that matters.

These are my recipes for every day, for everybody, full of deep flavours and beautiful ingredients that will nourish you and your family. Nobody wants to eat worthy food that tastes like cardboard. For me, food without flavour is unthinkable! And so is the notion of restricting whole food groups.

My Recipe for Life is to have a healthy attitude to eating – it’s all about balance, variety and choosing foods that give you the best chance of being in good health now and into your future.

This is not a diet book – it’s a way of life."


Professor Ralph Martins writes:

"I first became interested in Alzheimer’s research when my father-in-law, George, was diagnosed with the disease in his sixties. It was heartbreaking to watch as George transformed from an intellectual giant to someone totally dependent on care in just six short years. It made me determined to fight this devastating disease and thirty-three years later, I am still working towards diagnosing, preventing and effectively treating Alzheimer’s.

So far, we know that the brain damage that ends up causing Alzheimer’s begins developing in the brain 10–20 years before symptoms start to show, and that having type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease increases our chances of getting Alzheimer’s.

We also know that once symptoms set in, there is no known cure. But the good news is that we have begun to identify the factors that can reduce a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s and some other forms of dementia, and slow its progression.

What does this mean? Statistically it means that some people at age 60 for example, who would have developed full-blown dementia by the age of 80 may only have mild forgetfulness at 80, if they adopt and maintain our recommended lifestyle changes, especially a healthy diet.

In 2006 I became involved in the Australian Imaging, Biomarker and Lifestyle (AIBL) study of ageing. This research, along with many other population studies around the globe, is giving us valuable information about the specific nutritional and lifestyle factors associated with avoiding cognitive decline and staying healthy as we age.

These include:

  • regular aerobic exercise
  • plenty of mental stimulation and social activity
  • a healthy diet featuring fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy foods and healthy fats (such as those in olive oil, nuts and seeds) and whole grains.

I think we all want to live a full and productive life, feeling energetic well into our old age. This is not just wishful thinking – you have the power to give yourself the very best chance of a healthy future."

The proceeds from Maggie’s Recipe for Life will be shared between the Maggie Beer Foundation and the Lions Alzheimer’s Research Foundation.

About the authors

Maggie Beer’s many cookbooks include Maggie’s Harvest, Maggie’s Kitchen and Maggie’s Verjuice Cookbook. As well as overseeing Maggie Beer Products in the Barossa Valley, SA, Maggie appears as a judge on The Great Australian Bake-Off and heads up the Maggie Beer Foundation, committed to providing a good food life for all.

Professor Ralph Martins is Professor of Neurobiology at Macquarie University, NSW, and Foundation Chair in Ageing and Alzheimer’s Disease at Edith Cowan University, WA.

Maggie's Recipe for Life, by Maggie Beer with Professor Ralph Martins and photography by Dragan Radocaj is published by Simon & Schuster Australia (Sydney, NSW; Oct 2017; Pb; RRP A$39..99). It is available from all good bookstores from 9th October 2017.

It can also be found to purchase online via »


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October 19th, 2017
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