Seppeltsfield Chateau to open in China

In a first for an Australian winemaker

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Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan Wine Cellar

Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan Wine Cellar [©Seppeltsfield]

Seppeltsfield Winery, Barossa Valley
Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan Foyer
Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan Lobby


Seppeltsfield of the Barossa Valley, South Australia, will open the doors to an AUD $75M new wine chateau in China this month, in a joint venture manoeuvre by majority owner, Warren Randall.

Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan will be the first Chinese chateau to have a part ownership stake by an Australian winemaker and will officially open in Henan Province, Eastern-Central China, on Saturday May 13th.

Having been in construction for three years, the chateau will be opened as part of a joint venture between Seppeltsfield Wines Pty Ltd and Minquan Jiuding Wine Company Ltd. It stands to become the most significant retail, tourism and storage outpost ever developed for an Australian wine business in China.

Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan will continue to be the home of Minquan Jiuding Wine Company Ltd, whose most prominent wine brand, ‘1958’, will be promoted concurrently with Seppeltsfield at the Henan property.

The joint venture relationship will provide Seppeltsfield with storage and bottling facilities in mainland China, whilst also enabling the sale of premium South Australian wine to Minquan Jiuding, for co-brand partnerships.

Founded in 1958, Minquan winery was originally a Chinese state-owned wine and spirit business, acting as production facility for China’s largest wine brand, ‘Great Wall’. It was later acquired by Zhenjiang Jiuding Construction Company in 2005, of which Minquan Jiuding Wine Company Ltd is now a subsidiary.

Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan will be located in Minquan County, one hour from Henan’s capital city, Zhengzhou, whose population is 10 million. Minquan is also accessible from Beijing and Shanghai by recently completed (300 km/hour) high speed rail, in what Seppeltsfield Proprietor & Executive Chairman, Warren Randall, called “the deal maker”.

“Whilst the Minquan partnership will provide Seppeltsfield with key logistics facilities, what is exciting is that Zhengzhou is a significant interchange city, particularly for rail”, said Mr Randall. “With Shanghai now also just a few hours away by high speed train, we see Minquan moving from being largely an industrial county, to being easily accessible to a very large populous. Wine and wine tourism for most Chinese is still very new, so this is also about having some vision and being opportunistic”, he added.

Mr Randall intends to utilise Chateau Seppeltsfield Minquan as both an opportunity for retail sales of Seppeltsfield’s wine collections direct to Chinese consumers, whilst also as drawcard to promote tourism to the Barossa Valley and South Australia.

“Minquan will be a conduit to our home in the Barossa. We want to continue to drive visitors to the world’s best cellar door and introducing them to Seppeltsfield Barossa at our new chateau will hopefully be a powerful way of encouraging this. It’s a bit like a sister-city relationship”, added Mr Randall.

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May 04th, 2017
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