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Brings something exciting and fresh to the kitchen and table

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The Real Food for Kids Cookbook by Eloise Emmett

The Real Food for Kids Cookbook by Eloise Emmett

Bream Creek Farmers Market  produce - berry shortcake
Bream Creek Farmers Market  fresh produce
Bream Creek Farmers Market  produce - omelette
Lasagne from The Real Food for Kids Cookbook by Eloise Emmett


The Real Food for Kids Cook book is a unique cookbook designed for parents to share with their children.

Created and written by talented Tasman Peninsula Chef Eloise Emmett, The Real Food for Kids Cookbook brings something exciting and fresh to the kitchen and table.

"Kids love helping in the kitchen so why not get them involved?! I am passionate about 'real food', simple, unpretentious 'home-grown', home-cooked food to prepare and share with my children. Cooking is creative, and can be exciting, stimulating and fun whilst helping kids develop an appreciation for and love of good food. Kids learn that 'real food', grown and cooked with love can be delicious as well as nutritious!"

"Cooking is also a great way for parents and kids to share a meaningful experience, whilst also providing a perfect opportunity to experiment and develop skills important for healthy development."

The recipes are designed for parents and kids of 'all ages' to share, starting with the simplest recipes and progressing to the more complex".

The emphasis of The Real Food for Kids Cookbook is on simple recipes that are easy to follow, packed with flavour and that incorporate lots of fun techniques to entertain the kids and keep them engaged. "Cooking will only remain a cool activity if the kids are having fun and the food is delicious!"

Incorporating traditional methods of food preparation is also a core element of the cookbook. "Traditional methods of food preparation are much more tactile and inject and element of fun into the whole cooking experience. And yes, fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) that means sticky hands and faces and plenty of mess in the kitchen – in other words kids heaven!"

About Eloise

Eloise has always been passionate about using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients in her cooking simply because fresh 'home-grown' produce tastes better! She also loves the fact that her children understand where their food comes from and how it grows.

Eloise is a professional chef with over 20 years' experience working in commercial kitchens, including seven years as head chef of her own popular restaurant 'The Mussel Boys' on the Tasman Peninsula of South East Tasmania, which she opened at the tender age of 26 by selling her home.

The Mussel Boys Restaurant was reported as 'one of the best country eateries in the state' by respected food writer Graeme Phillips for its inspirational and pioneering menu that specialised in showcasing fresh local and seasonal produce long before it became fashionable to do so.

Other career highlights for Eloise include working as a chef on Bedarra Island, creating innovative daily menus for the thirty privileged guests on the exclusive island resort, and working as head chef at Hobart's T42 restaurant and the Astor Grill.

In 2014 Eloise co-authored the successful Bream Creek Farmers Market Cookbook and has also produced two beautiful recipe calendars.

Also In 2014 she organised a series of gourmet degustation dinners at a local Restaurant in Taranna, celebrating the wealth of the Tasman's fresh local produce, organised a series of gourmet feasts at Bream Creek Farmers Market showcasing quality local Tasmanian produce, and presented a series of cooking demonstrations at the 2014 Koonya Garlic Festival.

Eloise also has her own food and recipe column in regional newspapers and recently developed her own recipe blog 'Ellies Eating' at 'Ellies Eating' is also on Facebook and Instagram regularly sharing recipes and cooking hints and tips and with the occasional rant about expensive packaged highly processed foods!. The blog has been a creative outlet for Eloise as she raises her children.

In 2015 Eloise has been concentrating on recipe development and researching and producing this cookbook for children. Eloise is also employed at Dunalley School one morning a week to run 'The launch into learning (0-4 age) preschool mini munchies programme' cooking with children and their parents.

Eloise has three beautiful young children under the age of 7: Maggie, Stephanie and Oscar with her fisherman husband Brendan. They enjoy a simple country lifestyle that allows them to indulge their passion for gardening and cooking. Eloise regularly cooks with her own children at home – the sheer joy and pleasure derived from that experience is the main inspiration for this cookbook!


The Real Food for Kids Cookbook written and published by Eloise Emmett (Taranna, Tasmania, 2015; hc 20-20 cm)  is 40 fun recipes to cook with your kids, and retails in Australia for $29. It can be purchased direct from the author at (payment by bank transfer). Free postage anywhere in Australia if purchased prior to 15 Sept 2015.

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  • East Coast and Tasman Peninsula (TAS)
  • Southern Tasmania (TAS)

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August 30th, 2015
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