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Distilled using Willie Smith's Ogranic Apple Cider

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Willie Smith's still with barrels at the apple shed

Willie Smith's still with barrels at the apple shed

The Apple Shed - Home of Willie Smiths
Charles Oates Fine Apple Brandy 200ml
Charles Oates Fine Apple Brandy
Charles Oates Fine Apple Brandy 350ml


This new brandy is distilled from Willie Smith's apple cider in a locally built Alembic still and aged in a range of Tokay, Muscat and Sherry barrels to develop a smooth and delicious brandy. It's yet another another way to celebrate the apple-growing history of the Huon Valley in Tasmania. 

Charles Oates was a man who pioneered a new way of life in the Huon Valley and became a true man of Mountain River. Arriving in Tasmania in 1844 to serve a sentence for sheep theft, he built an empire that is still evident in the Huon Valley today.

Drawing inspiration from Charles Oates pioneering spirit, Willie Smith's is on a journey to create uniquely Tasmanian spirits with their apples.

Using Willie Smith’s cider they stay true to the French methods by using the Tasmanian-produced Charentais alembic still, the design used in Normandy (France) to produce the Calvados. The Charentais alembic still was designed in the early 16th Century in the Cognac region of France where it is remains in use for fine Cognac production.

Here's the tasting notes:

Charles Oates Fine Apple Brandy; Muscat Barrel

Carefully distilled in small batches, the Apple Brandy captures the pure apple flavours and aromas of pristine fruit grown in the misty valleys of Tasmania. 

This special single cask release has been aged in a 120L hand selected Muscat barrel. 

It expresses rich and complex aromas of dried muscatels, cocoa and vanilla bean in combination with lifted fine apple notes.  This rare and special spirit is best enjoyed by an open fire on a cold winters night.

Alc/vol: 40% ABV

RRP: 200ml - A$80, 350ml - A$120


Available from The Apple Shed and via Willie Smith's online shop for a limited time.

Read more in the launch press release here »


  • Huon and Channel (TAS)

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April 21st, 2017
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