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From a boutique distillery on Tasmania's North West Coast

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Cream Liqueur Hazelnut, Hellyers Road Distillery

Cream Liqueur Hazelnut, Hellyers Road Distillery [©Hellyers Road]

Cream Liqueur Coffee, Hellyers Road Distillery
Cream Liqueur Original, Hellyers Road Distillery


Hellyer's Road Distillery started life adjacent to a milk plant in the lush landscape of North West Tasmania, where some of the world's purest drinking water is blown in by the Roaring Forties.

Named after Henry Hellyer, the explorer and cartographer who carved the road leading to the distllery, Hellyer's Road Distillery was, surprisingly, founded by a group of dairy farmers. Now a wholly owned susbisdiary of Betta Milk, a 100% Tasmanian owned and operated company, Hellyers Road has become the largest boutique distillery in the country with exports to 21 European countries and Japan.

The Distillery's Visitor Centre is itself is a major tourist attraction in the region with tastings and tours on offer.

Since the first whiskies were sold in 2006, Hellyer's Road has grown in both capacity and distinction, winning awards around the world. Today their Original Single Malt Whisky is now also a key ingredient in their delicious whisky cream liqueurs. Here are tasting notes for the three varieties available at independent and major retailers nationally.

Whisky Cream Liqueur Original

A captivating Tasmanian Whisky Cream liqueur dominated by Hellyers Road Original Single Malt Whisky and fresh Tasmanian cream. The liqueur casts aromas of chocolate, coconut and malt 'o' milk biscuit with a suggestion of honey. The palate is rich and creamy, delivering an explosion of malt biscuit and coconut amidst chocolate.

Alc/vol - 17%

RRP A$37.50 per 700ml bottle


Whisky Cream Liqueur Coffee

A combination of Hellyers Road Original Single Malt Whisky combined with fresh Tasmanian cream. This liqueur offers aromas of rich espresso, biscuit and hazelnut. The palate is rich, full bodied and pristinely balanced. Your taste buds will be in receipt of what the nose promised - an oh-so moreish liqueur experience and delightful accompaniment to post dining coffees

Alc/vol - 17%

RRP A$37.50 per 700ml bottle 


Whisky Cream Liqueur Hazelnut

A carefully crafted merger of Hellyers Road Distillery premium single malt whisky with fresh Tasmanian cream.  An infusion of hazelnut embellishes a delightfully rich and creamy liqueur experience.

Alc/vol - 17%

RRP A$37.50 per 700ml bottle


  • North West Tas (TAS)

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November 30th, 2016
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