Wine expert to pop the cork on what goes on behind the vines

Tyson Stelzer presents 'People of the Vines' TV series

By Kirstie Bedford
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Holm Oak - Cabernet

Holm Oak - Cabernet

Entrance to Holm Oak Winery in Tasmania
Holm Oak Vineyard, Northern Tasmania
Josef Chromy Tasmania
Tyson Stelzer - Australian wine expert


With 14 wine books already published, and speaking, hosting and judging commitments almost daily, Tyson Stelzer, the young wine pro who continues to baffle with his enviable palate, has set his sights on a new project – this time on the big screen in a new series entitled ‘People of the Vines’.

The award winning wine writer is someway from hitting 40, but is already regarded as one of Australia’s most respected wine writers in the country, despite only being in the business for little more than a decade.

It’s little wonder to those in the industry that the former high school science teacher’s next project will see him star of the big screen, hosting an unprecedented documentary series on the people of the vines – to air on TEN in late 2014.

Stelzer spent months following six winemakers in the Tamar Valley including the family-run Delamere and Holm Oak and larger vineyards Tamar Ridge and Jansz in Northern Tasmania to make the series, the first of its kind in Australia to go right into the hearts and homes of those behind some of our greatest wines.

It wasn’t surprising the winemakers would open their homes to Stelzer, who says the show is about the effort they go to, to create the glass of wine we all enjoy.

“The series is not focused on making wine, it’s about the winemakers, their families and really demonstrates to people the hardships when you’re up against the elements and your livelihood is on the line.  If it’s a good day, we show that and if it’s a bad day, well you get that too.”

Wine Tasmania CEO Sheralee Davies says the series will give people a very real insight into how much hard work goes into each and every bottle of wine produced.

“In Tasmania it is incredibly labour-intensive, with hand harvesting and small batch winemaking, and mother nature has the ultimate say. I think this will be enlightening for many, as they realise the commitment one has to make in order to produce wine, and the challenges that come their way.”


People of the Vines will be broadcast nationally on TEN at 1pm on Saturdays from November 1st 2014.


  • Tamar Valley (TAS)

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September 30th, 2014
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