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Recipes with a twist that evoke the nation’s character

By Laura McKinnon
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Great British Cooking by Carolyn and Chris Caldicott

Great British Cooking by Carolyn and Chris Caldicott


In Great British Cooking Carolyn Caldicott explores what she believes to be ‘the long overlooked delights of traditional British cooking.’ Recipes with a twist, recipes that evoke the nation’s character and recipes that have stood the test of time.

For history buffs the book starts out with a history of British cooking. It details the great conditions found within Britain for a plentiful supply of dairy milk, for saltwater fish, for oysters and for cereal crops and mentions the tradition of preserving due to the country’s seasonal variances then goes on to explore its seafaring past which has had the most major impact on adding flavours to its dishes. Here It does a very good job of summarising the history of British food.

The words ‘forget the waistline’ help sum up the first recipe and the dish that is probably best known as English – the famous (or is that infamous?) fry-up; sausages, bacon, black pudding, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. Best accompanied by HP sauce. However, Caldicott does give alternatives for those not up for the full breakfast; a bubble and squeak recipe as well as a potato cake recipe.

What other recipes does the cookbook cover? Marmalade, kippers, pickled onions, raised pork pie, Cornish pasties, bangers and mash, Yorkshire puddings and of course roasts to name but a few. There are many on offer to tickle the tastebuds.

Great British Cooking is a little cookbook overflowing with recipes that will bring out your inner British, particularly useful for warming and hearty meals that will keep you smiling through the winter months. If you are a fan of British food, are of British origin and would like to replicate the tastes of home or if you simply enjoy hearty food then this cookbook is for you.

Great British Cooking is published by Quarto UK (Mar 2015, HC, 160pp) and retails for A$29.99. Available at good bookshops and through Australian publishing arm, Allen and Unwin »


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June 06th, 2015
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