Yarra Valley Caviar wins top award for caviar

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show

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Caviar from Yarra Valley Salmon

Caviar from Yarra Valley Salmon [©Yarra Valley Salmon]

Mark Fox, Yarra Valley Salmon, demonstrates hand-milking Atlantic Salmon
Caviar from Yarra Valley Salmon
Yarra Valley Salmon
Yarra Valley Salmon


Victoria producer, Yarra Valley Caviar, has taken out a top award for its caviar at one of Australia’s premier food industry events.

The boutique fresh water aquaculture farm, which prides itself on its environmental practices, won bronze in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show’s agricultural award.

The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show recognises and rewards innovation, diversity and excellence in agricultural production.

Producers are given the opportunity to benchmark their products against the best the country has to offer, while promoting their products under the respected Sydney Royal brand.

Yarra Valley Caviar general manager Mark Fox says the award is testament to its sustainable practices, natural, fresh water environment and gentle harvesting of its Atlantic Salmon.

“We firmly believe the quality of the caviar is a direct result of the treatment of our fish, and have refused to use any antibiotics or chemicals, not only in the fish, but in the way we process the caviar too, which is drained of fluid and packed immediately, with no additives.”

He says the award comes after a difficult year, where the farm was hit by the Black Saturday bush fires, and the global financial crisis.

“We’ve relied heavily on our quality caviar over this period and have had great success recently in the Sydney deli market, as well as supplying restaurants and venues around the country. This award is another positive step towards rebuilding.”

Situated at the foot of the Victorian Alps on the Rubicon River, Yarra Valley Caviar utilises the fast flowing mountain waters to recreate a natural environment for its Atlantic Salmon.

It is Australia’s only provider of hand-milked Atlantic Salmon caviar, and one of the only fresh water aquaculture farms in the world to use a natural method of harvesting the roe.

The humane treatment of the salmon in gently hand milking them, and by refusing to use any chemicals or antibiotics results in a caviar which is bright, plump and flawless.


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  • Yarra Valley (Wine) (VIC)

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March 11th, 2010
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