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Albatross Brewing Co's Two Up Pale Ale

Albatross Brewing Co's Two Up Pale Ale [©Albatross Brewing Co]

3 Elements Espresso Ale from Albatross Brewing Co
Two Up Pale Ale from Albatross Brewing supports Young Veterans
Albatross Brewing Co, Mordialloc, Victoria


Young Veterans is an organisation dedicated to bringing veterans of all ages together in activities to bridge the divide between contemporary and older veterans, to help each other and modernise the RSL. Getting together over a beer can help break down the barriers and now a small craft brewery in Mordialloc is crafting a brew that they all enjoy and that adds some funds to the cause as well.

Stephen Laughlin (Steve) of Albatross Brewing was approached by his friend Scott of Young Veterans to develop a special craft beer to distribute to RSLs that appeals to both young and old service people, bringing them that little bit closer. 

Of course, that involved some consultation and taste-testing with a team of veterans, young and old, at the Dandenong RSL. An exercise in itself that would have created some fun along with decision on the all important flavour profile of the new beer. Young Veterans Two Up Pale was thus born.

In keeping with the spirit, the beer is made from malt and hops grown in Australian and New Zealand, carrying through that ANZAC connection.

The beer is distributed to various RSLs and through Albatross Brewing with 10% of all sales donated back to Young Veterans with around $2,000 being donated up to April 2017.

And then came 3 Elements

3 Elements Coffee also supports veterans, in this case ex-military personnel, with their transition our workplace communities. Part proceeds of their coffee goes directly to this cause and now they can add 10% from sales of a distinctive new beer, 3 Elements Espressso.

Adding South American Arabica beans as espresso at the kegging stage gives this beer a subtley sweet, smooth and earthy finish.


About Albatross Brewing

Read more about Albatross Brewing and the tasting notes for Young Veterans Two Up Pale Ale and 3 Elements Espresso Ale here »

 About Young Veterans

Young Veterans is an auspice organisation under the Dandenong RSL that seeks to encourage veterans under the age of 60 into RSLs across Australia and to help modernise Australia's longest-running ex-service organisation.

Brothers Chris and Scott, both veterans of the middle east, teamed up with fellow veteran Sven and together they work with Vietnam Veteran and President of the Dandenong RSL, Mr John Wells OAM and the RSL to provide the facilities and equipment for Australia’s growing veteran community to be able undertake outdoor recreational activities such as camping, four wheel driving, motorbike rides, fishing trips and bush walking.


About 3 Elements Coffee

3 Elements is owned by a veteran and supports our ex-military people integrate back into our workplace communities through the love of coffee.

From every kilo bag of 3 Elements Coffee sold from 3 Elements Coffee, $5.00 is donated to this cause.


What is Two Up?

Two coins are placed tails up and marked with a white cross. They are placed on a kip – a small, flat piece of wood with a handle and sent up into the air. British coins of Edward VII were usually used in Australian two-up games because “King Edward was neutral”. This referred to the fact that weight either side of the coin was evenly distributed, unlike the Australian King George V pennies, where the weight favoured the obverse or heads side.

It is inextricably linked in the Australian psyche with ‘diggers’, a term for Australian soldiers, and in most places can only be played legally on ANZAC day. It has many different rituals associated with it, including the call ‘Come in Spinner’ which is a call made for the coins to be tossed once all bets have been laid.



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May 10th, 2017
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