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Black Knight Porter from Albatross Brewing Co

Black Knight Porter from Albatross Brewing Co [©Albatross Brewing Co]

3 Elements Espresso Ale from Albatross Brewing Co
Albatross Brewing Co's Baycider - Cloudy Apple
Mordy Carnival Pale Ale from Albatross Brewing Co
A fine range of Albatross Brewing Co's brews on tap


Albatross Brewing is based in Mordialloc on Port Philip Bay, less than an hour's drive from Melbourne's CBD. Here small batch brews are lovingly crafted as Stephen Laughlin lives his dream amongst the amazing range of styles and tastes that make up the craft brew industry.

Scribbles on a notepad in September 2015 were the launching pad for Albatross Brewing and its aim to bring top-quality, locally produced beer to the thirsty drinkers of Mordialloc – and the rest of the world too of course!

The name comes from the Albatross 'D' Series biplane which, after a quick succession of developments, became the first ever streamlined aircraft and fastest of its time. A development philosophy held by the team at Albatross as they deftly mix the key ingredients to brew up great beer.

The brewery will soon be operating from a bar aptly named The Hangar located, as you'd expect, on De Havilland Road, Mordialloc. 

Here are tasting notes for their range of hand-crafted beers and cider: 

Mordy Bayside Summer Ale

In summer at dusk, Main St. Mordialloc is a hive of activity not only from people enjoying the local restaurants and bars but also from screeching Australian Lorikeets. As you get close to any one of the street's iconic palms, the decibels increase to deafening levels!

It’s one of the sights and sounds that locals know signals the start of the hot months of summer. Perfect for enjoying a cold refreshing Mordy Bayside Summer Ale.

Using Australian Galaxy hops gives the beer a fruity hop character with malt flavours present but not dominant. The result is an easy-drinking golden summer ale with great flavour and balance which pours remarkably crisp and clean.


Mordy Carnival Pale Ale

The first Mordialloc Carnival was held in 1906 with local people showing off their businesses and engaged in light-hearted parades where everyone dressed up in outlandish costumes. The Carnival established an annual site on the banks of the creek in 1923 and its appearance lasted till the 1960’s. On New Years Day in 1934 the Carnival attracted over 15,000 people.

Mordy Carnival Pale Ale has a distinctive taste with plenty of fruity citrus hops, and is full flavoured. The sweetness of the caramel malt balances the hoppy bitterness and gives body to the finished beer. The result is a medium bodied beer which is complex and characterised with a pleasant finishing sweetness.

Kerry's verdict: as per the tasting notes, this is a well balanced beer. It has enough flavour to make it interesting and not too much to make more than one unlikely! Definitely on the favourites list.


Black Knight Porter

Black Knight Porter is named after the 1984 Melbourne Cup Winner. The thoroughbred was trained at Epsom Racecourse in Mordialloc by turf legend George Hanlon, arguably the best of all time. Black Knight was owned by entrepreneur Robert Holmes à Court and ridden by veteran jockey, Peter Cook.

A full strength ‘London Porter’ style beer, with layers of depth, revealing predominantly malt flavours. We pride ourselves on using only the best quality ingredients sourced from Australian suppliers wherever possible.


Young Veterans Two Up Pale Ale

Through his friendship with Scott from Young Veterans, Stephen Laughlin (Steve) was approached to create a beer specially for the organisation. The aim was to develop a craft beer to distribute to RSLs that appealed to both young and old service people to help bring them closer together.

A team of Veterans of all ages and backgrounds met at Dandenong RSL to taste different beer types to determine the flavours that would appeal to the whole veteran community. The result was the suitably named Young Veterans 'Two Up Pale Ale'.

10% of all sales are being donated to Young Veterans to support their important activities and as of April 2017, over $2000 has been donated.

The beer is made with malt and hops grown in Australia and New Zealand which carries through the ANZAC connection. The result is a beer that’s distinctive, refreshing and exquisitely balanced – and very, very Australian.

Read more about the Young Veterans support »


3 Elements Espresso Ale

Albatross Brewing has teamed up with 3 Elements Coffee to produce this special beer. 3 Elements is a  Veteran owned company that supports ex-military men, woman and spouses integrate back into our workplace communities through their coffee sales. 

10% of all sales of Espresso Ale will go towards this valuable work.

3 Elements Espresso Ale is made using South American Arabica Beans. Espresso coffee is added to the beer at the kegging stage. The clean, crisp acidity of the coffee mingles with malt on the palate creating a subtly sweet smooth and earthy finish.


Baycider - Cloudy Apple

Being a ‘Baysider’ means living right next door to the magnificent Port Phillip Bay. The shallow water makes it a magnet for beach lovers and a playground for a whole host of water activities. Albatross Brewery lives in the heart of this landscape which is why we are proud to name our cider after this wonderful natural bay.

The ‘Baycider’ is crafted using only the finest fresh apples sourced from nearby Yarra Valley and without any added concentrates.

The ‘Baycider’ is made in small batches to ensure it keeps its quality and freshness. A 'farmhouse’ style cider with a natural cloudy appearance, itis driven by its fruity character and it has a mid range sweetness making it very sessionable.

Kerry's verdict: this is a lovely, refreshing cider that works just as well on a cool winter's night as a warm summer's day. It's a Goldilocks cider for me with the sweetness and acidity beautifully in balance. 


  • Melbourne Surrounds (VIC)

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May 10th, 2017
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