Tasting notes - Delatite Winery (Vic) 2010

Riesling 2008, Riesling Sylvia 2008 and Devil's River 2006


Renowned for their aromatic cool climate wines, especially the riesling, Delatite Winery is situated on a picturesque rise overlooking the vineyards toward Mt Buller, near Mansfield in Cental Victoria.

The ripening period over the last 30 years has been characterised by warm days and cold nights – late varieties such as riesling and cabernet sauvignon were picked between mid April and late May. However, that seems to have all changed since 2002 with ripening now happening up to three or four weeks earlier.


Riesling 2008

Riesling has traditionally been harvested between mid April and late May (1974-2004) but recently this has moved forward by up to 4 weeks over recent years.

The fruit was hand harvested and then crushed to the new press through the must chiller so that the must/juice was around 5 degrees celcius as it was pressed. The flavours are of grapefruit and lime combined with some regional floral tones; it has great length of flavour and a lovely crisp natural acidity. Like all their aromatics this has great balance and length when young but like all great riesling improves remarkably with age – developing lovely honeyed flavours with hints of toast.

Alc/vol.13.0 %

Gold Medal 2008 Royal Melbourne Show, Class 4
Gold Medal 2008 Victorian Concurs du Vin


2008 Riesling Sylvia

The Sylvia Riesling is a very European style of wine. The grapes were picked two weeks earlier than the Riesling used for the standard Delatite Riesling in order to achieve tighter and more citrus fruit flavours and a higher level of acidity in the juice. This is similar to the methods used in Germany to produce Kabinett style Riesling.

The juice was slowly fermented in tank to conserve all the fresh fruit characters and the ferment was then stopped when 25g/L of natural sugar was left in the wine. This has resulted in a wine that is semi sweet from natural sugars but this sweetness is balanced by the higher than normal acidity. It also means that the wine is lower in alcohol than would otherwise be expected making it a perfect aperitif and lets a responsible host offer a lower alcohol wine.

The final wine is one that shows a wonderful zing of lemons with a back ground of fresh green apples, apple blossom and a little cinnamon. Although this wine is lively and enjoyable at the moment like most good quality semi-sweet rieslings it will age well adding further spice and toast to the wine with time for up to eight years.

Alc/vol 10.5%


Shiraz 2006

When young the typical aromas are of white pepper and blackberries and on the palate they show ripe red berry aromas, plums and cherries. The wine spends 12-14 months in a mixture of French and American hogsheads and barriques which give the wines a spicy vanillin lift.

The 2006 shows fine grain tannins and it can be enjoyed whilst reasonably young or cellared for up to 15 years.

Alc/vol 14.5%

Devil’s River 2006

Devil’s River is the name given to Delatite's cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec and cabernet franc blend back in 1986.

Normal flavour profile includes different spices (such as cinnamon and cardoman), mint, plums, and blackberries along with some vanilla from the oak. Tannins are generally in the mid range and the only fining agents used are egg whites (organic and free range eggs, of course!).

It’s normally matured in a mix of one to three-year old French and American barriques and hogsheads for up to15 months and now that it’s under screw cap the 2006 will cellar beautifully for up to twenty years +.



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