Innocent Bystander releases their iconic pink Moscato in a can

Just In time for spring and summer outdoor occasions

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Nanna's Ruin, Innocent Bystander

Nanna's Ruin, Innocent Bystander [©Innocent Bystander]

Moscato in a can, Innocent Bystander
Moscato Granita, Innocent Bystander
Moscato with Cheese & Crackers
Strawberries & Moscate, Innocent Bystander


Yarra Valley's Innocent Bystander winery has released its iconic pink Moscato in a slimline can. It's come just in time for spring and summer social activities like race day picnices, beach days, barbecues and backyard parties. 

Try it alongside fresh summer berries and double cream, crêpes with lemon syrup and orange zest, Belgian waffles with berry compote, or, for cheese board enthusiasts, team with blue cheese and pear.

Simply chill and pour into a wine glass, or enjoy out and about from the can with a (paper, silicon, or steel) straw.

It’s also superb in cocktails. Mix it with gin over ice, or for the ultimate summer chill, try an extrarefreshing Moscato Granita.

Smells of: fairy floss, blackcurrant, Turkish delight and mandarin peel.

Tastes like: intense strawberry, violets, honeycomb, with a well-balanced sweetness.

Innocent Bystander Moscato is vibrant in colour and full of delicate berry flavours. The delicious blend will have you tasting intense strawberry, violet and honeycomb. It’s a beautifully balanced sweet treat that is a firm favourite with Moscato fans across Australia.

Alc/vol: 5.5%

Since its first release over 10 years ago, the naturally pink (and naturally delicious) Moscato continues to receive high praise from some of Australia’s leading wine critics.


Australia’s ‘first summer of cans’

Innocent Bystander isn’t afraid to break a few wine industry conventions, after all, they serve all their wines from draught taps at their home in Healesville. So, it made perfect sense to pop their popular, pink Moscato into a can.

The cans are portable, convenient and easy to open. There’s no need to crack a whole bottle for a mid-week tipple, plus designated drivers can easily keep track with each can the equivalent of 1.1 standard drinks.

Mat Janes, Head of Innocent Bystander said “We’re super excited to be putting our effervescent starlet back in cans. Innocent Bystander Moscato is the leading premium sparkling Moscato in the country with bright berry aromas and gorgeously decadent flavours, making it perfectly suited to the convenience of cans”, he said.


How it’s made

Innocent Bystander Moscato is made using a blend of Black Muscat and Muscat Gordo grapes, sourced from Victoria’s Swan Hill region.

The grapes are harvested during the cool of the night, then chilled and crushed, with six hours of skin contact to get the perfect blush of pink from the Black Muscat.

The Moscato is gently effervescent with a fun fruitiness that is light on alcohol at 5.5%.


Innocent Bystander Moscato Cocktails  

Nanna’s Ruin

You will love this one almost as much as your Nanna will.

  • 150ml Innocent Bystander Moscato

  • 30ml Gin (try Four Pillars Gin)

  • 15ml Apricot liqueur

  • Pour over ice in short glasses, top with Innocent Bystander Moscato, stir and finish with a little fresh basil.


Moscato Granita

This frosty delight is a big hit at Innocent Bystander HQ in Healesville.

  • 550ml Innocent Bystander Moscato

  • 50ml Simple sugar syrup

  • Pour Moscato and sugar syrup into a shallow baking tray (or two), and place in the freezer.

  • Once frozen, mash it up well with a fork or whack it into a blender and give it a quick pulse. Transfer into four chilled glasses.

  • Garnish with strawberries and fresh mint.


  • Yarra Valley (Wine) (VIC)

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September 12th, 2018
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