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You're an international visitor to an Australian cellar door or website (or you manage one), you try the wines and love them, but know you can't buy them at home. So, how do you get them there? Up until now, delivering premium Australian wine direct to international customers has been hard. But things have just got a lot easier.

Doing this yourself is complicated, time consuming and difficult. Most cellar doors don't offer delivery services internationally, and only the larger producers have wine for sale in retail outlets overseas (and that may not be near you). But in these days of globalised commerce, things can be freighted around the world much faster and easier than ever before. And this now includes wine.

Many visitors to the cellar door and online are asking for international delivery. New Zealand has been being doing it for years, and now it's Australia's turn! For wine producers, able to access the global marketplace profitably is a must. But this doesn't all have to be by the pallet load or shipping container.

With a continued increase in wine tourism adn international website visitation, Direct to International Consumer sales (DTIC) represents a big opportunity for Australian wine producers, if executed well. It's great for you as a customer because you get your wine sent home without hassle (esepcially at the other end), and you can also develop a direct connection with the producer for future purchases.

It's also great for the winery because they make a sale they'd have missed out on, at greater margin (it feels good to support producers direct!), and they can also connect with you the customer. Win-win!

Enter Winehome. Winehome have developed a solution to move the wine from A to B. But that's only part of the solution. In addition to the international wine delivery, Winehome provide 'value-added functions that provide the winery with a great platform to benefit from direct sales'. This means they help to generate the quality experience needed to create a thriving, sustainable service that benefits both parties.

It has to be easy, for customer and producer alike, and ensure that you, the customer's, interests are taken care of. By including professional repackaging, insurance, all export document preparation, as well as all destination taxes you can be assured the great experience you've had at cellar door extends right to the point you receive their wine, and beyond.

For producers, Winehome provides a strategic solution, forming part of the overall direct sales channel, not simply adding DTIC as a tactical afterthought to the odd customer request. Using Winehome, some producers that have already shifted their direct sales from being relatively insignificant to being a major a contributor to overall profitability. This is especially significant for your online sales channel.

Sometimes changing a few things can change a lot in terms of sales outcomes. And what Australian wine producer doesn't need that?

The channel continues to grow year on year. Name producers such as Giaconda, Crittenden Estate, Voyager Estate and Balgownie Estate are already reaping the benefits, as are their cellar door visitors.

So if you know of a winery looking to send wine internationally (currently to the USA, UK/Europe, Singapore and Hong Kong) and benefit from an increasingly profitable market (or if you are from one yourself), don't hesitate to get in touch with Glenn Mills, CEO of Winehome (Australia) on or ph Glenn on 0401 326 544.


SPONSORED CONTENT: Authorised by Glenn Mills, CEO Winehome. Support an Aussie entrepreneur and check it out!

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August 11th, 2015
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