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Essential Wine Tasting Guide

Essential Wine Tasting Guide

Le Nez du Vin – Wine Aroma Sets – Oak Influence
Le Nez du Vin – Wine Aroma Sets – Red and White Duo Set


Train your nose to detect subtle aromas in your wineglass with a Le Nez du Vin aroma set and learn to appreciate and enjoy the complexities of your wines. As a subscriber you can save up to A$100!

We all have our own private scent memories. There is nothing like a whiff of a certain smell to whisk you back to childhood; there you are once again, standing in your grandmothers garden in the spring. It brings it all back - the scent sets the film of your life rolling again.

Le Nez du Vin (The Nose of Wine) helps you to train your olfactory memory to detect and recognise different aromas in wine by developing your scent memory. We all have a sensitive sense of smell that can be trained to detect aromas in wine and to store these in our scent memory. The pleasure of drinking a good wine is heightened when we can appreciate different styles, and decipher the varietal definition and complexity.

Can you identify the scent of leather, musk or truffle in a wine? What are the typical aromas of viognier, pinot noir or sangiovese wines? By using and practising with Le Nez du Vin, you can learn to recognise the individual aromas of grape varieties, wine styles, regions, winemaking techniques, and even vintages.

The aromas are remarkably realistic, distinctive and persistent and come in a compact screw cap phial. The scents can be used over and over again, making these very cost effective. The essences are closely related to the molecular composition of wine. Simply select a phial at random, sniff it, try to guess which group the scent belongs to - fruity, floral, vegetal, spicy, woody, earthy, micro-biological, savoury, nutty or animal - and then try putting a name to it. All sets come with a comprehensive explanatory booklet and illustrated cards. Proficiency is just around the corner. To your aroma phials, and may the best nose win!

Obviously the aroma sets are not that portable which is where the Essential Wine Tasting Guide comes in extremely handy. It's a small, business card sized fold out guide with aromas,colours and other characteristics all in one small informative bundle.

Read our review of the Le Nez du Vin aroma set here » subscribers can save on the aroma sets:

  • Ultimate Package (Masterkit + 12 faults + 12 new oak)
  • Professional Package (Masterkit + 12 faults)
  • Masterkit (54 aromas)
  • Red and White Duo (24 aromas)
  • White Wine (12 aromas)
  • Red Wine (12 aromas)
  • Faults in Wine (12 odours)
  • Oak Influence (12 aromas) 

PLUS: a complimentary Essential Wine Tasting Guide with each order!




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4. Take delivery of your aroma set and start training that nose! 

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